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falloutfall‧out /ˈfɔːlaʊt $ ˈfɒːl-/ noun [uncountable]  1 HPthe dangerous radioactive dust which is left in the air after a nuclear explosion and which slowly falls to earth protection against radioactive fallout2 RESULTthe results of a particular event, especially when they are unexpected The political fallout of the affair cost him his job.
Examples from the Corpus
falloutI think there would be a definite fallout in support for Dennis after this season..We're not worried about any potential diplomatic fallout due to your conduct.Our fallout falls everywhere, part of nature too.How big a political fallout should we expect?Almost as dramatic as the financial scale of the mess is the growing political fallout.Meanwhile, she sidestepped some of the political fallout.It is the fallout of atmospheric tests which ended in 1974.The current crisis is part of the fallout of that failed summit.The fallout from the scandal cost him his job.radioactive falloutI heard new vocabulary: nuclear bomb, radioactive fallout, bomb shelter.These costs linger like radioactive fallout, contaminating core beliefs and inspiring additional replicative actions that demand further minimization.The study linked the increase directly to the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl.political falloutHow big a political fallout should we expect?The human and political fallout from the earlier mass departure left Clinton in a no-win situation.Almost as dramatic as the financial scale of the mess is the growing political fallout.Quite apart from the political fallout, there is the nagging worry that the economy may already be on the brink of recession.Even if that course turns out to be legal, however, the political fallout could be severe.Meanwhile, she sidestepped some of the political fallout.The political fallout from his misadventure has been compared in the London press to that experienced by Sen.
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