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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfarawayfar‧a‧way /ˈfɑːrəweɪ/ adjective  1 [only before noun] literaryFAR a long distance away syn distant She dreamed of flying away to exotic faraway places. faraway noisessee thesaurus at far2 a faraway look
Examples from the Corpus
farawayEd told us stories of all the faraway countries he had visited.Above it rose a hazy glow, like a faraway fire.He's a hawkeye, and can spot one a mile off, like that faraway kestrel.We sat around the fire listening to faraway noises.The territory of the setting sun is also the territory of the faraway, of what is elsewhere.Avis always dreamed of an exotic vacation in some faraway place.She was lost and alone in a faraway place.I thought of each person going now to a faraway place.There is nothing new in the fact that news reports from faraway places are often wrong.But even then Ethel had pored over travel brochures and dreamed of ships, cruises, and faraway places.
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