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feministfem‧i‧nist /ˈfemɪnɪst/ ●○○ noun [countable]  SSWsomeone who supports the idea that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men She’s been an outspoken feminist for over twenty years.feminist adjective [only before noun] feminist literature
Examples from the Corpus
feministIf strong women characters do appear in Hollywood film, this is no consolation for feminists.For feminists, therefore, the comfort they give is illusory.Lesbian feminist psychologists' research focuses mainly on sexuality.In the 1960's I saw myself as a revolutionary and a radical feminist.The irony is that the threat of violence has come from anti-abortion Republicans, not anti-Republican feminist, gay and Chicano protesters.Right-On movements such as the feminists and the peace campaigners evolved complicated systems to ensure this happened.Likewise she argued that the feminist versions of Althusserian concepts of ideology overemphasised textuality at the expense of social and economic analysis.The feminists marched in thousands when David Laing urged married women to give up their jobs and stay at home.These feminist differences surfaced in a more extreme form in the months after the passing of the act.Some western feminists, too, are concerned about psychological method's strong affiliations to dominant discourses of gender.
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