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femurfe‧mur /ˈfiːmə $ -ər/ noun [countable] medical  HBAthe thigh bonefemoral /ˈfemərəl/ adjective [only before noun]
Examples from the Corpus
femurThe hip and femur bones were fused together and no movement was possible at that joint.Fig. 3.8 Relative completeness of the humerus and femur compared.But can not phone him from Twills as Mr Twill would insist on shinning up drainpipe himself and break femur.Feel that Mr Twill may be called upon to lay down his femur after all.The horizontal axis has the most frequently preserved part of the bone, namely the distal humerus and proximal femur.It sheared through bone and muscle alike, the strident snapping of the femur reverberating inside the room.The glittering blue thigh had articulated sharply in the middle, shortening along its length and snapping the femur within.
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