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flyerfly‧er, flier /ˈflaɪə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 BBAa small sheet of paper advertising something People were giving out flyers advertising the event.see thesaurus at advertisement2 informalTTA a pilot She was one of the first solo flyers.3 someone who travels in an aircraft Delays are familiar to all regular flyers.
Examples from the Corpus
flyerHe knew now that he himself would never have made a flyer.It's a journey of around 15,000 miles and these champion flyers don't even take a map with them!Not all authorities agree on this point and many experienced flyers maintain that the horizontal stabiliser is unnecessary.The Tumbleweed reported that a forensics expert will examine the flyers to determine the identity of the author or authors.The flyer about the rally is taped to the wall behind the counter.
From Longman Business Dictionaryflyerfly‧er /ˈflaɪə-ər/ (also flier) noun [countable] a small sheet of paper that is used to advertise something. Flyers are usually handed out in the street or delivered to people’s housesWe hand out flyers advertising our events to clubbers as they leave the venue. see also frequent flyer, high flyer
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