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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfoefoe /fəʊ $ foʊ/ noun [countable] literary  ALan enemy Britain’s friends and foes
Examples from the Corpus
foeBut the political field is inscribed with the logic of friend and foe.Mitterand drew France closer to the European union and to Germany, its former foe.His foes immediately expressed fear he will launch new attacks on them.Incorporation foes who argue Tucson will be ringed by suburbs ought to realize it already is.This third criterion is related to whether you feel this new person is friend or foe.As we approached the camp a guard called out: ""Who goes there -- friend or foe?''They can still run foes crazy with that setup, but now they can also go to Tall Ball.Oxygen became friend rather than foe and most organisms began to use it to fuel their lives.It may also give different impressions to friend and to foe.
FoEFoE /ˌef əʊ ˈiː/   Friends of the Earth
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