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forefootfore‧foot /ˈfɔːfʊt $ ˈfɔːr-/ noun (plural forefeet /-fiːt/) [countable] British English  HBAone of the two front feet of an animal with four legs
Examples from the Corpus
forefootAs it was he balked, both forefeet thrust stiffly in front of him, jarring me to the bone.Having said that, the deep forefoot outsole was still holding on after 500 miles.Air can be present in the heel, forefoot of fell-length in the midsole.Front and rear legs are thrown neither in nor out, as the imprint of hind feet should touch that of forefeet.But the cushioning has to be in the mid or forefoot, where the foot hits, rather than the heel.The upper is made from nylon mesh and a synthetic leather, with hytrel support straps at the forefoot.Combination lasting combines the two, either with a board in the rearfoot and slip in the forefoot.The forefoot showed excessive wear while the heel remained relatively unscathed.
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