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four-wheel drive

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four-wheel driveˌfour-wheel ˈdrive (written abbreviation 4WD) noun [countable, uncountable]  TTCa system which gives the power of the engine to all four wheels in a vehicle, or a vehicle that has this type of system
Examples from the Corpus
four-wheel driveHire a four-wheel drive vehicle - there are lots of off-the-beaten-track spots to discover.Type: Front-engine, four-wheel drive, nine-passenger, full-size sport utility.So why not fit four-wheel drive?Cyril put the truck into four-wheel drive.Three teams in 1969 raced four-wheel drive - Lotus, Tyrrell-Matra and who was the third?She was an International Harvester Scout four-wheel drive.But clever suspension changes and, more important, the four-wheel drive, have tamed the beast.Base price for the extended cab version with four-wheel drive is $ 21,400.
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