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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfreestandingfree‧stand‧ing /ˌfriːˈstændɪŋ◂/ adjective  1 LOOSEnot fixed to a frame, wall, or other support a freestanding bookcase2 able to exist on its own and not as part of something bigger The modules can be offered as freestanding courses.
Examples from the Corpus
freestandingAs our top-of-the-range freestanding cooker, the Eclipse is furnished with all of the features you'd ever imagine.The Apex embodies all that's good about freestanding cookers.There's so much going for the self-contained freestanding format that we've put our best designers to work on our range.As well as fitted storage units, there is a wide range of freestanding furniture, modular units and shelving on the market.The complicated postures are such as no freestanding statue of the time could show, and the sculptor has had great difficulties.a freestanding storage unitWhen ordering, check the maximum platform height advised for a freestanding unit.
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