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freestylefree‧style /ˈfriːstaɪl/ noun  1 DSS[uncountable] a swimming race in which swimmers can use any style they choose, usually crawl the 100m freestyle2 [uncountable] a sports competition in which competitors can use any movements they choose freestyle wrestling3 [countable] a rap song in which the singer says words directly from their imagination, without planning or writing them first
Examples from the Corpus
freestylePalmer won the 400m freestyle in 3:45.82, Foster the 50m butterfly in 24.00 and Gillingham's 2:11.01 won the 200m breaststroke.That would be Counsilman, who plans to swim the 50 backstroke and 50 freestyle.Susan is in nine events 100m and 200m backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and 200m individual medley.Her freestyle times also began to stagnate, and those early morning workouts were becoming more a job than a joy.His freestyle looked soft and gentle next to all the churning power strokers.the 100-meter freestyle
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