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funeraryfu‧ne‧ra‧ry /ˈfjuːnərəri $ -nəreri/ adjective [only before noun]  MXrelating to a funeral or the place where someone is buried a funerary monument
Examples from the Corpus
funeraryThe funerary archaeologist has to be certain of the differences between desiccation and chemical preservation: embalming.Roman funerary customs; art and mythology; women in classical antiquity.This eighteenth-century fascination with funerary exactitude was not limited to the distaff side of society.To the funerary historian the Tor Abbey Jewel is a highly important record.The square funerary monument was found to contain a series of stelae with inscriptions and five urns.Most surviving examples are funerary, often commissioned quickly in response to unexpected death from disease, by no means uncommon in antiquity.the funerary processionIn funerary rites or in cases of houses subject to the intrusions of snakes, this reverse direction is followed by the priest.Among these the Underworld was the great unknown and was therefore the dominant feature of funerary texts from the Middle Kingdom onwards.
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