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fusilladefu‧sil‧lade /ˌfjuːzəˈleɪd $ -sə-/ noun [countable usually singular]  1 CPMWa quick series of shots fired from a gun, or a quick series of other objects that are thrownfusillade of a fusillade of bullets2 TALK TO somebodya quick series of questions or remarks
Examples from the Corpus
fusilladeShe aligned the sights of her rifle and loosed a fusillade of bolts that split the rocks apart.Desktop publishing was only the opening salvo of a fusillade of developments that would change the way people worked.At the beginning of the Secretary of State for the Environment's speech there was a fusillade of Government interventions.Windows were blasted inwards by the fusillade.fusillade ofMs. Hills ran into a fusillade of hostile questions at Tuesday's committee meeting.The first officers who burst into the house were met with a fusillade of bullets.
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