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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgiftedgift‧ed /ˈɡɪftɪd/ ●○○ adjective  GOOD AThaving a natural ability to do one or more things extremely welltalentedgifted musician/artist/teacher etc She was an extremely gifted poet.academically/musically/athletically etc gifted his musically gifted songifted child (=one who is extremely intelligent)gifted with Gifted with a superb voice, she became the Opera’s leading soprano.see thesaurus at intelligent, skilful
Examples from the Corpus
giftedBloomsury House is a special school for girls and boys who are exceptionally gifted.It was the inspired creation of a company of gifted architects, canny financiers, and cosmopolitan religious leaders.Picasso was one of the most gifted artists who ever lived.It's a difficult subject, even for a writer as gifted as Mathers.In the past, gifted children have not always been given appropriate educational support.a special class for gifted childrenMost school systems offer programs for gifted children.I do not claim to be gifted - it's just something you either possess or you don't.Even at school, Liz had always been a very gifted painter.a gifted poetHe is a highly gifted young singer, who combines a beautiful voice with unusual musical sensitivity.gifted musician/artist/teacher etcDespite a terrible stutter, he emerged as a gifted teacher.Iverson, 25, is one of the game's biggest draws because he's one of its most gifted artists.He thought me a gifted teacher and had placed many opportunities my way.Lunia was flattered at having her portrait painted by a gifted artist, but at first she felt rather intimidated by the experience.Flexibility within the classroom, the hallmark of the gifted teacher, must find a place in far more of our schools.He ranks as one of the most gifted artists of all time.Despite a shy and diffident manner, Davison was a hard-working and gifted teacher of endless patience.Children's talk indicates to the gifted teacher the intellectual and perceptual level which each child has reached.

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