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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrislygris‧ly /ˈɡrɪzli/ adjective  BADextremely unpleasant and involving people being killed or injured a series of grisly murders
Examples from the Corpus
grislyIt is enlightening but somewhat grisly.The servants glared angrily, eager to get the grisly business over and done with.She has insulated herself from the grisly details.The grisly double homicide sent shock waves through this south Berkeley neighborhood.I glimpsed the black robes and wondered why Southgate would be so interested in such a grisly execution.a grisly murderOnce caricatured as far-Right-wingers, they were dependable for their unsolicited robust views on hanging, repatriation and grisly prescriptions for homosexuals.We're sorry if you're upset, but think of the grisly things you might otherwise get.
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