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gubernatorialgu‧ber‧na‧to‧ri‧al /ˌɡuːbənəˈtɔːriəl◂ $ -bər-/ adjective formal  PGOrelating to the position of being a governor gubernatorial elections
Examples from the Corpus
gubernatorialStill not enough to justify this desire to reach across the table and deliver a hard right to the gubernatorial chin.Her blunt opposition to Symington completed a process of disassociation between the two that began during the last gubernatorial election campaign.Nor did he, as the article stated, run against David Duke in the Louisiana gubernatorial election.Dole, in losing to George Bush in the 1988 primaries, recognized that gubernatorial endorsements are more important than senatorial ones.Bryan said gubernatorial incumbency can be both an advantage and liability when running for the Senate.In California Dianne Feinstein became the first woman to win a major party gubernatorial nomination in the country's most populous state.The Texas governorship was generally considered to be one of the most significant of the country's gubernatorial prizes.
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