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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgunfiregun‧fire /ˈɡʌnfaɪə $ -faɪr/ noun [uncountable]  SHOOTthe repeated shooting of guns, or the noise made by this I heard a burst of distant gunfire. Two men were shot in an exchange of gunfire with the police.
Examples from the Corpus
gunfireAt least 4 people were killed by gunfire when police stormed the building.She realized he was expecting to be dodging gunfire.Enemy gunfire could be heard from several kilometres away.enemy gunfireWhen I put my head back down, I heard gunfire in the distance.The earth shook with the sound of heavy gunfire.From below he heard shouting and running feet, and from further off came the muffled sound of more gunfire.The only thing that surprises me is there was no gunfire.In that same instant, the deafening crash of gunfire filled the narrow confines of the alley.A soldier was killed during an exchange of gunfire at the border station.No sound of gunfire yet; no sign of battle: but the emptiness of that raised, exposed highway was eerie.Joseph sprinted away to dodge the volley of gunfire.Rolls of thunder joined the gunfire now, like giant echoes, and it began to rain, reducing visibility.burst of ... gunfireHe heard a burst of gunfire and saw a car disappearing down the Glen Road.There was a burst of gunfire and 22 men lay dead.The bombing had stopped, and all we could hear was the occasional burst of gunfire.Hours later, three short bursts of automatic gunfire sent police scurrying for cover Wednesday morning.A sudden burst of gunfire from behind the workbench riddled the wall harmlessly behind her.He sprayed two bursts of gunfire into a crowd outside the defence ministry and injured 10 people before he was fatally wounded.As the police visibly tighten the noose around the mansion, the guerrillas respond with rhetoric and warning bursts of gunfire.In the distance there were bursts of gunfire.
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