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half and half

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalf and halfhalf and halfPARTLYpartly one thing and partly another The group was about half and half, complete beginners and people with some experience. half
Examples from the Corpus
half and halfIt looked like the crowd was about half and half, men and women.About half and half, Ralph figured.I thought you were supposed to enjoy it, and it was half and half really.Mix the hot water, chicken stock and half and half.Now it's about half and half.Others prefer to split the drinking and carrying half and half.Tamsin, being half and half, could have been in any of them.Yesterday, you were half and half.
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half-and-halfˌhalf-and-ˈhalf noun [uncountable]  American EnglishDFD a mixture that is half milk and half cream, used in coffee or tea
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