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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalfwayhalf‧way /ˌhɑːfˈweɪ◂ $ ˌhæf-/ ●●○ S3 adjective, adverb  1 MIDDLEat a middle point in space or time between two things syn partwayhalfway through/up/down/between etc He chased Kevin halfway up the stairs. It was a terrible film – I left halfway through. traffic queues stretching back halfway to Londonthe halfway stage/mark/point They’ve just reached the halfway stage of the project.2 be halfway there3 be/come/go halfway to doing something4 halfway decent/normal/successful etc meet somebody halfway at meet1(19)
Examples from the Corpus
halfwayIt's halfway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.I filled my glass only halfway with orange juice.halfway through/up/down/between etcHowever, a change in the air conditioning design halfway through construction opened part of the attic space to the air conditioning.Try to give the impression you are halfway through doing a domestic chore.He always wore a tie, but his ties never seemed to reach more than halfway down his yellow shirts.For the most part students receive an hour of each subject, changing rooms and teachers halfway through the period.I grew my sideburns again, halfway down the side of my ears.The potholes go halfway up the tire.He'd been discovered by fishermen on the Plage des Basques about halfway between the Villa des Lilas and the town.He hoped she wouldn't turn fickle when he was halfway up the wall.