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halfway house

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhalfway houseˌhalfway ˈhouse noun  1 [singular] British EnglishMIX something which is a combination of the qualities of two different things Belief is a kind of halfway house between non-belief and absolute proof.2 [countable]SSO a place for former prisoners or people who have had problems such as mental illness, where they can live until they are ready to live on their own
Examples from the Corpus
halfway houseThe urinary bladder in both sexes acts as a halfway house or store for the urine secreted by the kidneys.At this time, the colleges of education occupied a halfway house between the universities and the further education sector.But he knew that suspension was only a halfway house towards complete termination.He is expected to be released to a halfway house this summer.There is no halfway house for most people in the excellent companies.I got another infraction today at the halfway house.He got thrown out of the halfway house for an overdose.This uneasy halfway house is fair game for the worst excesses of journalism.
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