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handcarthand‧cart /ˈhændkɑːt $ -kɑːrt/ noun [countable]  TTBa small vehicle that you push or pull by hand and use for carrying goods
Examples from the Corpus
handcartHe was given a boy, and two soldiers, and a handcart.I dived behind a handcart and came up with my automatic in my hand.There are bicycles, handcarts, wagons, an occasional car or truck.Round the corner he came, pushing his handcart with balloons flying high.Anne could see, though, that he was trembling as he picked up the handles of the handcart and moved away.There the young workaholic did everything from sharpening his own saw to delivering the product in a two-wheeled handcart.He gave McMenamy a red two-wheeled handcart and unsnapped the protective strap on his holster.
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