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hangerhang‧er /ˈhæŋə $ -ər/ (also coat hanger, clothes hanger) noun [countable]  coat_hanger.jpg DCCa curved piece of wood, plastic, or metal with a hook on top, used for hanging clothes on She took off her jacket and hung it on a hanger.
Examples from the Corpus
hangerFrom a hanger on the hatstand hangs the jacket of a pale grey summer suit.The man was carrying a fur-collared suede coat on a hanger, draped with a dry cleaners' plastic bag.Shirts and sheets they hung from the ceiling, draping them on lines and hangers.She considered, trying to ignore the jangling hangers, with their cold, quick touch.One medium-sized baby-blue Samsonite suitcase, containing all my clothes, except the few on hangers.Two positions are catered for on the hanger, giving still more options of flow direction.Our offer pack contains three of these hangers.No laundry until the bed is made, or no new clothes until hangers are used.
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