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hankiehan‧kie, hanky /ˈhæŋki/ noun [countable]  informalDCC a handkerchief
Examples from the Corpus
hankieBesotted hankies can either be draped decorously on tree branches or buried.I tried to match up couples with complementary hankies and key-chains.Dropping hankies is out and we can hardly leer at gentlemen from behind our fans, can we?Oval pewter boxes have hand-engraved monograms, from £17.95, while prettily embroidered hankies are £5.75.Some of them waved their good lace hankies then hushed to silence at the way she spoke.He wore a gray suit with, unlike other board members, no pocket hankie.The song over, he tossed the hankie like a bridal bouquet.A number of other women on the block were likewise kind, wiping my blood with white hankies.
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