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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheartlessheart‧less /ˈhɑːtləs $ ˈhɑːrt-/ adjective  CRUELcruel and not feeling any pity How can you be so heartless?see thesaurus at cruelheartlessly adverbheartlessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
heartlessIn his autobiography, he portrays his father as cold and heartless.Todd's father was cold and heartless.It is not that I am heartless.Soon he begins to get angry at the people involved in the incident for being so careless or so heartless.This was not so heartless as it might seem.She'd tell him a few home truths about his condescending, heartless, authoritarian attitude.People in Acra and Catskill told these stories when the papers said Jack was a heartless killer.She was a heartless, money-grabbing woman who made her fortune from the misery and desperation of others.His reputation already in jeopardy, Young further offended gentiles with what they thought was his most heartless scheme.You've assigned me the role of heartless villain financier, obsessed with money, wealth, and luxury.
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