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heartyheart‧y /ˈhɑːti $ ˈhɑːrti/ adjective  1 FRIENDLYhappy and friendly and usually loud a hearty laugh2 old-fashionedHEALTHY strong and healthy hale and hearty at hale3 DFa hearty meal is very large4 especially British EnglishFRIENDLY with a friendly, noisy, and happy manner that is not sincereheartiness noun [uncountable] heartily
Examples from the Corpus
heartyI am in hearty agreement with you, and privately I am quite prepared to subscribe towards it.Garofalo has a hearty, deep voice.We hike back to camp and begin preparing a hearty dinner, when up rides a lone horseman.Perhaps it is because of a hearty dislike of chauvinism and exaggerated nationalism that I have not become an intense patriot.A hearty soup for a cold fall or winter supper always seems like the right ticket.a hearty split-pea soupBut the delicious food had been too delicate for their hearty taste.We received a hearty welcome.
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