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heavenlyheav‧en‧ly /ˈhevənli/ ●○○ adjective  1 old-fashionedGOOD/EXCELLENT extremely pleasant, enjoyable, or beautiful That smells heavenly. We found a tiny hotel in a heavenly spot with a beautiful bay.2 [only before noun] biblicalRR existing in or belonging to heaven God’s heavenly kingdomheavenly Father (=God)the Heavenly Host (=all the angels)3 literaryAL existing in or relating to the sky or stars heavenly bodies (=the Moon, planets, and stars)
Examples from the Corpus
heavenlyThe vision is far too heavenly.The seventh seal triggers seven trumpets, which introduce various additional heavenly and earthly cataclysms.a heavenly choir of angelsThe pies were heavenly, even the Vicar's.Kringelborn and McNair blend in heavenly fashion in the letter duet.Believers wanted to be detached in many ways from earthly life and attached to heavenly life through a process called salvation.These watercolours are actually very close in conception to the heavenly scenes of her decorations.What a heavenly sound!But like Clinton, the former governor found that a heavenly voice can apply devilish heat.the Heavenly HostThis small angel got separated from the heavenly host.heavenly bodiesFor untold generations the priests of the kingdom of Babylonia meticulously observed and recorded the movements of the heavenly bodies.The mosque and the Koran belong to women as much as do the heavenly bodies.This moving image manifests itself in the motions of the heavenly bodies.All the movements of the heavenly bodies are caused by wind.It goes back to the days when people used to worship heavenly bodies as gods.The problem, therefore, was to account for the apparent motion of the heavenly bodies given these two assumptions.Awareness of the stars and their light pervades the Koran, which reflects the brightness of the heavenly bodies in many verses.Thus, in particular, heavenly bodies moving in a gravitational field are well described by such geodesics.
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