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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhome townˌhome ˈtown especially British English, hometown especially American English /ˌhəʊmˈtaʊn $ ˌhoʊm-/ noun [countable]  HOMEthe place where you were born and spent your childhoodsomebody’s home town He hired a car and drove up to his home town. She’s written for her hometown newspaper.
Examples from the Corpus
home townIt's in his adopted home town that I first witness him.After graduation she was assigned a job in her home town.The biggest crisis in her until then trouble-free career came during a recording session in her home town.The outskirts of her home town excited her as a magical cavern will a child.It's her home town although it's changed a lot since she was a girl.In March 1990, after a series of dates with Melly, he remained behind to settle in his home town.somebody’s home townThe 18-year-old blue eyed beauty will represent her home town at the Miss Ireland competition in Dublin later this year.Washington the landmark is mostly white, affluent, politically connected and frightened by the violence of the home town.You are probably much better placed in your home town or nearest city.
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