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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhumanitarianhu‧man‧i‧tar‧i‧an /hjuːˌmænəˈteəriən $ -ˈter-/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  PERSON/PEOPLEconcerned with improving bad living conditions and preventing unfair treatment of peoplehumanitarian aid/assistance/relief Humanitarian aid is being sent to the refugees.humanitarian grounds/reasons/purposes He was released from prison on humanitarian grounds.humanitarian noun [countable]humanitarianism noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
humanitarianUnemployment is at 38 %, and thousands are being denied access to humanitarian aid, food supplies and work.Humanitarian aid is being sent to the refugees.They can and have safeguarded the provision of humanitarian aid.On 8 January I called for a high-level meeting of donor countries to respond to the United Nations latest humanitarian appeal.He urged that military support be sent immediately to protect humanitarian convoys entering Sarajevo.But it also reflects a direct concern by President Clinton over the diplomatic and humanitarian effects of open-ended sanctions.We made this offer on humanitarian grounds.The monetary value of the lamp, as opposed to its humanitarian value, was greatly appreciated by all the major principals concerned.humanitarian aid/assistance/reliefBaker was reported to have spoken with Bufi about human and political rights and to have promised US$6,000,000 in immediate humanitarian aid.The resolution refers specifically to detention centres and humanitarian aid.They can and have safeguarded the provision of humanitarian aid.The hon. Gentleman is right about the principle of humanitarian aid, although he is wrong about the details.They called for a ceasefire in the region and for access for humanitarian aid deliveries.We have provided valuable economic and humanitarian aid to ease the transition to a market economy.
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