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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishidentifiablei‧den‧ti‧fi‧a‧ble /aɪˈdentəfaɪəbəl/ ●○○ AWL adjective  RECOGNIZEable to be recognizedidentifiable as She looked young, and was immediately identifiable as a trainee.identifiable by The police were identifiable by their uniform.
Examples from the Corpus
identifiableThe fingerprint on the door was not identifiable.To be effective, market segments must be clearly identifiable and substantial enough to be potentially profitable.A closed loop is a self-contained unit that has no identifiable beginning or end, like a circle or an integrated circuit.And fussy, fidgety babies, the researchers found, show an identifiable brain-wave pattern.The wooden black boy in the corner was identifiable by his white gloves in the gloom.Neighbourhood police are all too aware of the risk: We are identifiable by our uniform.Richard Lugar of Indiana and businessman Morry Taylor have no identifiable following here.It was personalized and identifiable in a way unknown since Lloyd George's heyday.But nowhere does the jazz component lose its identifiable tone.
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