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identificationi‧den‧ti‧fi‧ca‧tion /aɪˌdentɪfɪˈkeɪʃən/ ●●○ AWL noun [uncountable]  1 PGC (abbreviation ID) official papers or cards, such as your passport, that prove who you are Do you have any identification?form/proof of identification Bring some form of identification, preferably a passport. fingerprinting as a means of identification2 RECOGNIZEwhen someone says officially that they know who someone else is, especially a criminal or a dead person His body was taken to Brighton mortuary for identification.3 RECOGNIZEwhen you recognize something or discover exactly what it isidentification of the identification of customer needs the identification of children who need professional help4 the act of saying that two things are very closely relatedidentification of something with something the identification of sexism with women’s oppression5 SYMPATHIZEa strong feeling of sympathy with someone that makes you able to share their feelingsidentification with my identification with the heroine of the book
Examples from the Corpus
identificationBut such an identification was probably more than merely an exercise in wish-fulfilment by the ego on behalf of the id.Loyalties and identification with them will be strong, reinforced by the continuity with the old.Always, the focus of female identification is clear and stable.The bodies were brought to the hospital for identification.For identification of elements, see Fig. 3.2, and for details of the samples, see Appendix.You need two pieces of identification to write a check here.I have focused attention on identification with the society as being the most characteristic attitude thus expressed by citizens.This leads to the identification of a Ratner myth, the removal of which is rather less supportive of him.This identification of level of measurement will be invaluable later on when the researcher begins the analysis of data.However, since rhyme monitoring involves word identification it will also show the same context effects as word monitoring.form/proof of identificationUnlike many other countries, young people in Britain, are not required to carry a form of identification.Nishioka said at some point the state may require proof of identification.Bicycles should have a reliable padlock and carry some form of identification, preferably a police stamp.What if they demanded to see some form of identification?Climbers attending the briefing will need to bring with them some form of identification, preferably a passport!identification ofCorrect identification of customer needs is vital.identification of something with somethingThis suggests that the personal identification of women with the housewife role weights the balance in favour of a psychological involvement in housework.Endoscopic stigmata of recent haemorrhage allow the identification of lesions with a high risk of rebleeding.His target of attack here is positivism, which we can understand as the identification of natural science with knowledge itself.These alliances consolidated the identification of Labour with the working-class electorate.The identification of child with parent is sometimes mirrored by identification which the parent feels with the child.The identification of feminism with the United States has dishonoured it around the world.The identification of one committee with one department should be ended.identification withHales' success as editor of the Almanac is explained by his identification with readers.
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