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income support

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincome supportˈincome supˌport noun [uncountable]  money that is given by the government in Britain to people who have no income or a very low incomewelfare
Examples from the Corpus
income supportHe should consider pensioners who have to rely simply on the state pension and income support or a small occupational pension.Are there significant differences in transfer systems which encourage work and income support to be combined?Mr MacSharry's plan, therefore, is to direct income support towards smaller farmers.A person may be eligible for income support if their income is below their income support entitlement.I believe she may be eligible for income support.Any person in receipt of income support or family credit is exempt from payment.These covered pensions, income support, housing benefits, a family credit system and the social funds.One of the Government's aims in moving from supplementary benefit to income support was to simplify the system.
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