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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishirksomeirk‧some /ˈɜːksəm $ ˈɜːrk-/ adjective formal  ANNOYannoying an irksome journey
Examples from the Corpus
irksomeBut she had risen early and found that staying put with nothing to do was growing more and more irksome.The presentation is intriguing, the text mostly irksome.When the poetry hadn't come, the job too had seemed not only irksome but occasionally repellent.an irksome habitBut I must confess it is by far the most irksome I have ever tried.However, the door has an irksome magical effect: a variety of a Rune of Renewal is etched into the wood.Naturally, the more mature individuals survive the effects of these irksome stumbling blocks better than the others.The mentality that produces such a procedure is not just unacceptable itself - as well as irksome to would-be candidates.
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