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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjaggedjag‧ged /ˈdʒæɡɪd/ adjective  SHARPhaving a rough or pointed edge or surface the broken bottle’s jagged edge the jagged rocks of St. Saviour’s Pointsee thesaurus at sharpjaggedly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
jaggedThe knobby jagged clay cliff became as grand and exotic as the Grand Canyon to them.This is an area of spectacular gorges and jagged cliffs, beautiful unspoilt villages, with historic castles and mediaeval houses.At one corner, a large chunk had been knocked out completely, leaving a nasty, jagged edge.Appalled by rusty, jagged equipment, she proposed replacing it in 1987.Slabs irregularly cut with jagged lines where sections had dropped off.jagged mountain peaksThe window had gone, and the floor was covered with jagged pieces of glass.With their stark, jagged profiles, the rocky peaks were an obvious treasure.Many ships have been torn apart on the jagged rocks that ring the shoreline.jagged edgeAt one corner, a large chunk had been knocked out completely, leaving a nasty, jagged edge.Some of the major new features include TrueType, which can create type of varying sizes without any jagged edges.This one appear to have broken shortly after impact spinning the car on to its jagged edge.When such trend lines are smoothed, the jagged edges are sawn off.For the moment it may have smoothed or at least covered the jagged edges between the two sides.Flames leapt hundreds of feet high, illuminating the jagged edges of the blocks.The shaman broke the bones with his bare hands, and used the jagged edges to scratch at his bark.There are too many jagged edges to the Clinton experience, too many highs and lows.
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