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jutejute /dʒuːt/ noun [uncountable]  TIa natural substance that is used for making rope and rough cloth
Examples from the Corpus
juteNearly 140,000 workers in 53 jute mills across West Bengal went on strike on Jan. 28 demanding higher wages.In Lower Dens are some fine jute mills built in 1866.Secondly, the development of Northern technology has resulted in synthetic substitutes for many natural products, e.g. jute and rubber.The local jute industry employed forty thousand people in the early years of the present century.Heavy pearl drops of dew splashed noisily on jute leaves that had fallen to the ground.With Jinju still perched on his back, Gao Ma dashed into the jute fields.With one kick, he sent her flying into the jute field.The jute had an acrid smell that scooped up the rank aroma of moist earth as it leapt from the ground.
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