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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaboriousla‧bo‧ri‧ous /ləˈbɔːriəs/ adjective  DIFFICULTtaking a lot of time and effortlaborious process/task/business etc Collecting the raw materials proved a long and laborious task. the laborious business of drying the cropslaboriously adverb A beetle began to crawl laboriously up his leg.
Examples from the Corpus
laboriousFor Perry, writing is a laborious process.laborious process/task/business etcAnalysts warn that it will be a long, laborious process.But boiling the grain was a laborious process and produced an unpalatable mush.Producing these on conventional printers is a very laborious process and the results will only be in black and white.It is recognised, however, that this would be an extremely laborious task and unlikely to be fulfilled.Since everyone enjoyed the results of this laborious task, it seemed only fair that everyone participate in their production.It is a laborious process, likely to lead to embarrassing blunders if badly done.The laborious processing of the gold involves women, the elderly and children.Used as an additional resource, a different dimension which adds to an otherwise laborious process, programs can be very effective.
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