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latexla‧tex /ˈleɪteks/ noun [uncountable]  1 TIa thick white liquid produced by some plants, especially the rubber tree, and used in making rubber, paint, glue etc a doctor’s latex gloves2 TIan artificial substance similar to latex
Examples from the Corpus
latexThis effect looks like that of normal human faces stretched against a latex film.His own hair was hidden under a latex cap from which a few grey wisps straggled crazily.A basic latex caulk costs about $ 2. 50 and a top-of-the-line elastomeric caulk costs about $ 6.But don't be fooled-that rash is not from latex.So what makes guayule latex different from hevea latex?Unfortunately, latex is not suitable for borders since it dries too quickly and is not durable for exposed and vulnerable areas.Make sure the individual doing the piercing wears latex gloves.You float the cream and purify that and you have your latex.
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