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lavala‧va /ˈlɑːvə/ noun [uncountable]  HEGhot liquid rock that flows from a volcano, or this rock when it has become solid
Examples from the Corpus
lavaResidue fell to the bottom of the sea, and lava later pushed the particles back up.For many experts, the unusually heavy and dense lava may continue to be churned out of Etna for a further year.The underlying molten lava drains back into the crust.Since they were erupted so low down, it was not long before the rivers of lava were flowing through inhabited areas.He is like the Roman sentry who stayed at his post when the volcano erupted and poured lava over him.Unfortunately it is not easy - for obvious reasons - to study modern submarine lava flows in their proper environment.As the lava reached the surface, much of the water escaped as hot vapor clouds.Where the ocean crust is young, lava flows dominate the landscape.
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