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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlearntlearnt /lɜːnt $ lɜːrnt/  XXa past tense and past participle of learn
Examples from the Corpus
learntNever an elitist, she wanted to democratise photographic practice, and share all she had learnt.One of his owners was an alchemist, whose secrets he seems to have learnt.We learnt a few lessons on how we could have improved it but we felt very pleased with it as our first attempt.And that granite obelisk is the Bunker Hill Monument which you will have learnt about in school.Since then, much has been learnt about the structure and properties of proteins and about the active sites of enzymes.You learnt about yourself, too.By other forms of reproduction an image may be more or less degraded, so that nothing can be learnt from them.Once scornful of cable companies, telephone firms have learnt that they can be useful.
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