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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlevel-headedˌlevel-ˈheaded adjective  SENSIBLEcalm and sensible in making judgments or decisions opp hot-headed
Examples from the Corpus
level-headedWhen he had gone she faced things all over again, glad to have the advice of some one so level-headed.A good pilot needs to be calm and level-headed.He was said to be level-headed and unlikely to be affected by a few fancy words.He had a level-headed approach to financial matters.This last section is the most level-headed assessment of the topic that I have read.Did this and similar comments represent a lack of faith in his abilities or a level-headed assessment of them?A few weeks later we returned, this time with a third friend, a very level-headed girl.Hopefully, some of the more level-headed members of the council can prevail and make the Boom Town fiasco a bust.Britain is in an economic mess and we need level-headed, responsible leaders to pull us out of it.a level-headed solutionThe Colonel's cool compassion showed his command of the situation: no moment of fury distorted his fearless and level-headed view.
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