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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlifelikelife‧like /ˈlaɪflaɪk/ adjective  REAL/NOT FALSE OR ARTIFICIALa lifelike picture, model etc looks exactly like a real person or thing a very lifelike statue
Examples from the Corpus
lifelikeKelly has made his sitter look lifelike.They could weave, into the lovely stuffs they made, forms so lifelike anyone could see what tale they illustrated.The directors wanted the computer-generated images to look as lifelike as possible.Yet the interaction of these 12 muscles and 21 sensors yielded an amazingly complex and lifelike behavior.a lifelike dollThis expected condition resulted after the bodies were inexplicably moist and lifelike for many years, sometimes for centuries.This, together with their individualized features, creates an enormously lifelike impression.Outside the museum is a huge, lifelike model of a dinosaur.Once computer interfaces are built to show lifelike properties, many people will ascribe life to them.The electric arm has a powered shoulder and is covered with a lifelike silicon skin.
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