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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlifelonglife‧long /ˈlaɪflɒŋ $ -lɒːŋ/ ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  LIFEcontinuing or existing all through your life She became a lifelong friend of ours. David finally realized his lifelong ambition.
Examples from the Corpus
lifelongIt was her lifelong ambition to write a best-selling novel.She had been introduced to competitive shooting by her husband, Georgean engineer and a lifelong competitive shooter.His lifelong condition causes a variety of motor impairments.I have a lifelong experience of banking, and have had to act constantly on personal judgment.At Puente Ruinas she lost her glasses and we all searched for them as if she had been our lifelong friend.The two remained lifelong friends.Otis, who bore lifelong grudges over provocations infinitely smaller than this, was realistic enough to know when he was had.However, considerations of long term safety are also important as lifelong maintenance treatment is usually recommended.His boss is a lifelong politician.a lifelong relationshipMy father was a lifelong supporter of the Democrats.lifelong friendAt Puente Ruinas she lost her glasses and we all searched for them as if she had been our lifelong friend.He likes his neighbors, but Arizona is too far from the ocean and too far from family and lifelong friends.It was around this time that he met George Underwood who was to become a lifelong friend.The merchant was flushed with drink; he grinned at Cranston and Athelstan as if they were lifelong friends.Alvin met the genial master poet Langston Hughes, who became a lifelong friend and confidant.The prosecuting attorney was a lifelong friend of both Wilfred and Mark.Subsequently we became lifelong friends, sailed many miles together and shared many adventures.
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