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loaferloaf‧er /ˈləʊfə $ ˈloʊfər/ noun [countable]  1 DCC Loafer trademark a flat leather shoe that does not need to be fastened onto your foot2 LAZYsomeone who is lazy and does nothing when they should be working
Examples from the Corpus
loaferNow Peggy Cass is always dressed in little Peter Pan collars, little sweaters and loafers.Today, after a large increase in his income, he has extended his consumption to include color television and eccentric loafers.It was hotly argued that the cameras zoomed in more often on his Gucci loafers and Hermes ties than on the buildings.He wears gym shoes, or regular loafers, or of course those wooden clogs of his.A street loafer became a commissar.Summer loafers in bright colours can be matched with trousers for a co-ordinated, streamlined look.He was wearing a very attractive pair of black tassel loafers.
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