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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-awaitedˌlong-aˈwaited, long awaited adjective [only before noun]  EXPECTa long-awaited event, moment etc is one that you have been waiting a long time for the long-awaited news of his release from prison
Examples from the Corpus
long-awaitedAnd hopes weakened of a long-awaited cut in interest rates which would give a real boost to the Government's election prospects.The court's long-awaited decision was unpopular with groups on both sides of the issue.Across the country, anxious United Nations workers awoke to the thought that the long-awaited Khmer Rouge offensive had started.Britain had at last experienced the long-awaited, long-delayed bourgeois revolution.The next morning we received the long-awaited order to attack.Band members were celebrating the long-awaited release of their first album.The advisory council goes out of business now, having delivered its long-awaited report.The election, locals said, hinged on discontent among some parents with the pace of long-awaited school repairs.the long-awaited sequel to her first novelIn the summer of 1780 came the long-awaited summons.The long-awaited supercomputer had been promised for last year, but the target date was later pushed back to October 1993.It is hoped that these measures will trigger the long-awaited upturn in the economy.
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