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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlong-haulˈlong-haul adjective   long-haul flight/route/destination etc
Examples from the Corpus
long-haulThe other main sector of interest given in Table 11.8 is the long-haul category.Table 11.9 shows Kuoni's top long-haul destinations in 1983-4.The aunts have brought more baggage than the passengers Rainbow takes to long-haul flights at Heathrow.By comparison with trying to sleep on the cramped seating of today's long-haul flights it was luxury indeed.It's so much nicer to fly business class on long-haul flights.It's jet lag and it affects nearly everyone on long-haul flights.long-haul routes between Europe and AsiaHence the decision to buy smaller wide-body jets for long-haul routes.Now he hisses and spins in jumps while powder ice clings to the air but by trade he's a long-haul skater.Mamet has never pretended to be a long-haul writer and sees time the way the early Elizabethans did, as a destroyer.
From Longman Business Dictionarylong-haulˈlong-haul adjective [only before a noun] long-haul flights, transport etc travel over long distanceslong-haul flights from Malaysia to Europe compare short-haul
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