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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlovablelov‧a‧ble, loveable /ˈlʌvəbəl/ adjective  LOVEfriendly and attractive a sweet lovable child
Examples from the Corpus
lovableWhat is it about some women that makes them find killers so lovable?There was something lovable about that shape.As you grow older, some of those uncertainties - such as whether or not you are lovable - are settled one way or another.Crawford is best known to television audiences as a lovable idiot.What the future entails is some very contemporary music slipped into concerts featuring lovable old favorites.Franz, the egregiously angry Detective Andy Sipowicz, was his usual unforgivable / lovable self times 10.Lysander, her hero, is a lovable thicko who isn't even terribly proficient in bed.How lovable we are - or so the myth goes - is tightly interwoven with how beautiful we are.
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