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low-lyingˌlow-ˈlying adjective  SGlow-lying land is not far above the level of the sea Vast areas of low-lying land have been flooded.
Examples from the Corpus
low-lyingOn the far side of the pond the shanties started, the lowest-lying cluster surrounded by water, flooded.So far, only 92,000 people, mostly volunteers from low-lying areas, have been resettled.These conditions are best met in low-lying areas that were once marshland, and which still lie above a plentiful water table.Avoid low-lying areas, which stay cold and damp longer.Crocker said he expects only low-lying areas with few if any structures in Mayville to get flooded.Experts are predicting that the sea level will rise, flooding many low-lying areas.Three low-lying farmsteads outside town are evacuated.low-lying fogAcid Sulphate Problems from Drainage On low-lying land, drainage can create another major problem, one associated with acid sulphate soils.Low-lying land in river valleys is often subject to flooding.White-fronted geese also breed in low-lying, shrub by tundra.
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