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low profile

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlow profileˌlow ˈprofile noun   keep a low profile
Examples from the Corpus
low profileThere was nothing she could do about it, other than keep a low profile and stay well out of his way.Unlike Demirel, Sezer likes to keep a low profile.I tried to keep a low profile, but people gave me all sorts of unsolicited comments.During the event Clinton will keep a low profile.Like every really smart lobbyist, Boggs knows the importance of being subtle and of keeping a low profile.Up to now they had kept a low profile, but they were becoming more militant.But since then they have kept a low profile and not made their findings public.
low-profileˌlow-ˈprofile adjective  1 [usually before noun] not receiving or wanting any attention opp high-profile The US took a very low-profile role in the talks.2 [only before noun] British English designed to be lower than other things of the same type low-profile tyres
Examples from the Corpus
low-profileIf you have a low-profile computer without a free drive bay, you may have no choice but to replace the original.It packs all its power into a compact, low-profile configuration - occupying 30% less desk space than comparable 486 systems.This has enabled a low-profile firm to have one of the highest profiles in terms of revenues.Thus the state should be mainly a night watchman, a low-profile policeman who ensures the basic safety of every individual.
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