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low water

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low waterˌlow ˈwater noun [uncountable]  TTWDNthe time when the water in a river or the sea is at its lowest levelhigh water
Examples from the Corpus
low waterTidal schemes have the advantage of regularity, an integrated electricity system could organise itself according to high and low water.Waterwheels could not function at low water, so adjustable wheels were made.It was near low water now, and I had to get the dinghy afloat.No low water no back water no anchor ice.They hugged the shore, Clayt pulling hard on the wheel at unseen shoals, flying over low water.Throughout November and December a few big cod can be taken over low water from the end of the sandbar on night tides.At times of particularly low water supplies, a steam engine was used to power the mill via a drive belt.What ever the bone type, however, Dodson found that very low water velocities were sufficient to move small mammal bones.
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