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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlumpylump‧y /ˈlʌmpi/ adjective  PIECEcovered with or containing small solid pieces a lumpy mattress
Examples from the Corpus
lumpyThis gravy is lumpy.In another bowl, place brown sugar, softened butter and flour; mix until mixture is lumpy.It was raining quite hard and his Canals sweatshirt felt lumpy and cold.I paid $40 a week for a tiny room with a lumpy couch and a battered old desk.The skin on his back is speckled and lumpy from burns, but when I ask he laughs.lumpy mashed potatoesSandra lay on the lumpy mattress, unable to sleep.A small neat iron bed with a shabby well-washed coverlet had one lumpy pillow and sheets which were hard to the touch.His body ached for her and he would press his face into the lumpy pillow groaning with the hopelessness of his need.I hate lumpy porridge.But if the bronchoscope could see cancers before they became lumpy, that might change.
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