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macromac‧ro /ˈmækrəʊ $ -roʊ/ noun (plural macros) [countable]  TDa set of instructions for a computer, stored and used as a unit You can run a macro to change to US spelling.
Examples from the Corpus
macroYou can avoid this repetition by defining a macro which you use every time you want to include the code.It shows each macro name, followed by the text it represents.WordPerfect's ability to edit macros can be used for any customization.Press Alt-Z to activate the macro for double-spaced indented paragraphs. 5.In the following exercise, we will view and print a catalog of the macros that we just created.Having found this macro we want to assign it to an icon but this entails designing an appropriate one.You can use macros to enter often-used names and phrases as well as complex format changes.
macro-macro- /mækrəʊ $ -roʊ/ prefix technical ALL/EVERYTHINGlarge and concerning a whole system rather than particular parts of it opp micro macroeconomics macromolecular structuresFrom Longman Business Dictionarymacromac‧ro /ˈmækrəʊ-roʊ/ noun [countable] COMPUTING a series of commands written to perform a particular task. Macros can be saved and used againWrite a macro so that when a button is hit, all the fields appear on the spreadsheet.macro-macro- /mækrəʊ-roʊ/ prefix very large and concerned with a whole system rather than just part of itA number of chapters are devoted to fiscal policy in a macro-context.
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