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mercantilemer‧can‧tile /ˈmɜːkəntaɪl $ ˈmɜːrkəntiːl, -taɪl/ adjective [only before noun]  formalBBT concerned with trade syn commercial mercantile law
Examples from the Corpus
mercantileIt is sufficient that he was acting within the ordinary course of business of mercantile agents generally.The mercantile and commercial economy of Savoy was thus of minor consequence.The old realm of Caledor was eclipsed by other realms including the fast-rising mercantile city-state of Lothern.The roots of these developments in Catalonia, where the traditions of a mercantile civilization had long existed, are complex.The first, in the West End, had as its clients the peerage and gentry rather than the mercantile classes.Here the universe of the stereotype is starkly revealed in all its mechanical and mercantile glory.When too energetic and predominant, it disposes of Credulity, and in mercantile men, leads to rash and inconsiderate speculation.But the improvement in the position of the masses was far less evident than the increase in industrial and mercantile wealth.
From Longman Business Dictionarymercantileme‧rcan‧tile /ˈmɜːkəntaɪlˈmɜːrkəntiːl, -taɪl/ adjective [only before a noun]COMMERCE concerned with tradeTree crops such as coconuts became increasingly important in the mercantile economy into which the islanders were drawn.In some countries mercantile law is quite separate from the ordinary law.
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